Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Stroll- December 7, 2008

Today is busy with extra seasonal obligations (all fun!!), so I took my stroll pictures yesterday. We were having a "snow globe" sort of snow, with giant flakes whirling down, sometimes with great intensity, other times gently.

I like to leave the sedum and chrysanthemum plants for "winter interest".

I did NOT mean to leave the asters and hollyhocks, but, because of a foot injury I didn't get the gardens cleared out the way I would have liked before the cold set in. I'm sure those reckless self-seeders will have planted their progeny everywhere by next spring, and I'll be weeding them out as fast as I can. Still, even my neglect was made attractive by the snow.
It's been unusually bitterly cold for early December, with wind chills down around zero most days this week. I look at it as a positive- fewer insect pests next summer!
To see where others were strolling this week, visit Aisling at The Quiet Country House.


Aisling said...


Your winter stroll is very pretty. I love the winter interest plants in the garden... A few stray seedlings to pull next spring will be worth it! Enjoy your snow and bundle up against that cold. We're getting it here too. Brrr!

Jena said...

Don't worry, I too didn't get my plants all prepared for winter. I did get most of the garden cleared out and mulched well but noticed today that I left my strawberry and blueberry plants all uncovered. Hopefully both of our plants will make it through all right anyway. I like the picture of the glove, that's a good way to get the snow to show up.

Everydaywoman said...

Looks like everyone's getting snow today . . . and it sounds like you're enjoying all your seasonal activities. I know that Sundays are a busy day for you with church, choir, etc. I went with my mother and daughter to three different church/farmer market Christmas Fairs this weekend and am feeling very Christmas-y! Hope everything went well for you, too!

CindyW said...

Ah, snow :)

We have to drive 3 hours to see it.

Rose said...

The snow makes everything look beautiful, doesn't it? I didn't get everything cleaned up in my garden either; whoever came up with the idea of "winter interest" gets a big hug from me:)

I was surprised when I returned from Arizona yesterday that there wasn't snow on the ground.

Joyce said...

Rose, I just cam back from northern IL, where they have a LOT of snow. It was beautiful, actually. We seem to have missed that storm altogether.