Friday, December 19, 2008

Musings For A Day In The House

If you are snowbound and bored, here are a few things I've been reading in the past few days that were very interesting:

Dean Ohlman's beautiful blog, Wonder of Creation. He strikes a wonderful balance between science and faith.

Stephen Nichol's article on "apostasy lit", and what believers can learn from the angry authors who write this genre.

A powerful story of forgiveness.

A great article on musical taste, and how to express it graciously.

A discussion by an atheist of how he feels about proselytizing, in this video clip:

Did it get you thinking?


grant said...

The apostasy article was interesting, but I guess I've never thought of Keillor as angry and apostatizing. Some of his recent monologues have been actually pretty gracious. He said something about how the older he gets, the less faith is about the stuff you need to know, but about grace.

Joyce said...

I agree, Grant. Keillor is mellowing a lot in recent years, but I do remember him mocking his upbringing in his earlier writings.