Monday, December 8, 2008

Another Thankful Post

I meant to write a post about how thankful I am for my husband back during November, and somehow got distracted and didn't do it. And yes, that's a classic case of taking someone for granted if I ever heard one!

This is shaping up to be a busy day, and I can't spend much time writing, but I didn't want to go any longer with out expressing my thankfulness for my husband, to whom I've been married 31 years. Lots of years, lots of kids, lots of pow-wows about money, disciplining children, where to go on vacation, whether to stop and ask directions, what color to paint the kitchen. We haven't lived an eventful life by some people's standards, but there are a million "uneventful" events that come along in 31 years, and it takes a lot of commitment to get through all of them. We have that commitment.

I'll just give you a couple of examples from the last two days.

First: Although he really of prefers contemporary style worship, which he could attend at the same time my traditional service is going on, he comes to the service I am in as a show of support. We can't sit together; I'm up on the platform and he's down in the pews, but he knows how the service went, what was sung, what was said in prayer- in other words, we worshipped together, and we experienced life together. So, I'm thankful that he will sacrifice his own preference to do that with me.

Second: When, yesterday, I had one of those typical run-ins with someone who thought I should be doing things differently, he gave me a big hug and said, "I still love you!". Which, of course, was exactly what I needed!

Third: This morning he left for work before I did, as usual. Pretty soon I got a call from him. He wanted me to be aware that we had had some freezing rain, and it was a glaze of ice out there. I should be careful walking to the crossing, and give the cars plenty of time to stop. (He often jokes that he has a wife that stops traffic!) It was really nice of him to do that. I could easily have gone down just stepping out onto our front stoop.

It's the little things like that that are more meaningful than grand gestures, in my opinion. I'm thankful for 31 years with someone who knows that.


CindyW said...

It's great that your husband is so considerate. But it's also so very sweet of you to notice all these "little" gestures. It goes both ways I suppose.

Green Bean said...

I second Cindy's thoughts. You guys sound like a good team.

Everydaywoman said...

Very nicely put! It sound like you two were made for each other! How nice of you to take the time to "formally" thank your dear husband. Sometimes it's the ones closest to us that we love the most who don't always get the first mention. Funny, my husband---also of 31 years!--appeared last on my list on a "Thankful Thursday" post a while back and I was kind of embarassed when my sister pointed that out to me! Congrats to you, both! A successful marriage of 31 years is nothing to be taken for granted!

Rose said...

It's the little things that mean the most. I was so happy when I returned yesterday to find a freshly vacuumed house, clean kitchen counters, an empty dishwasher, and freshly laundered--and FOLDED--towels, all done by Husband who rarely does housework. Who needs diamonds?!

I like your husband's comment about your "stopping traffic":)