Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reading List For 2009

I've changed my sidebar list that was titled "Recently Reading" to "Reading List for 2009". I want to return to a more disciplined routine of reading this year, and I hope having this list will prod me to be more accountable about actually finishing books I've started, as well as plowing through the little pile on my bed stand. I will keep a record of which ones I am in the process of reading, which I have finished, and which I have then reviewed on this blog.

I have pretty eclectic taste in reading, but in recent years it has tended to be non-fiction more often than not. I enjoy history and biography, as well as social history and commentary. When I see a title, or read a review, that intrigues me, I'll add it to the list for future reference. This should help me to remember to get to them eventually.

I also plan to read through the Bible this year using a reading plan that is designed for that. I've done this a number of times before, and, though it can be a challenge, I always benefit immensely.

I imagine this will mean less TV watching in the evening, and less bird-dogging around on the Web, though I feel that reading web articles and blogs is really no different than reading magazines. Though I've been wanting to make this shift for a while, I was given a little nudge by an article I read online about a contest President Bush has annually with Karl Rove to see who can read the most books in a year. It's amazing how much those men got read despite the busyness of their jobs, and it was not light reading either. Like them, I think it's important to read broadly. I also think it will benefit my writing ability.

Edit: Here's a link to the Peggy Noonan article that Susan T refers to in the comments.


Susan T said...

I'll be very interested to read your thoughts on "The Shack". I had some real issues with it and some long e-discussions with a friend with whom I finally decided to agree to disagree.

Three Cups of Tea was phenomenal...proof that secular mission work is still alive and well.

After years of using "The Daily Walk" Bible, I switched it up this year and read the Chronological Bible...great way to read the Word with event accounts side by side rather than by author. Will repeat for 2009.

Right now I'm reading "The Year of Living Biblically" read and can't wait to see where it takes me.

Haven't picked my major tome for the year yet, did Chronicles of Narnia last year and then picked up Gone with the Wind this year. Fun to reread after 30 odd years.

Like you, have a stack of books on the nightstand, on the coffee table, my desk and oh don't forget about the Amazon with list...there is NEVER enough time to read!

Joyce said...

Susan, I just saw "The Year of Living Biblically" at Borders last night, and almost got it. I'd read a review of it that intrigued me. I'll have to give it a try!

I'm almost done with "Three Cups of Tea"- review to come soon- and everyone seems to be reading "The Shack" and "discussing" it, so I really need to read that, too. Then I got "Team of Rivals" for Christmas, and any book that is referenced by both Obama and Palin as important to their governing philosophy is surely going to be interesting!

Susan T said...

another must read is "Same Kind of Different as Me"...pick that up on your next trip to Borders (or in my case my best friend Amazon).

We actually read the Shack in our small group (from church) and there was a one night event taught by our teaching pastor who was really hot on the book...of course, I was out of town that night and didn't get to hear her perspective.

Green Bean said...

Man, you beat me to the bunch. I've got a post going up on the worm this week on this topic. :)

I don't have a list yet. Still wallowing in post-Christmas clean up. I will chime in to say that I loved Three Cups of Tea. This coming year, I'll definitely read some green books but I'll probably venture out into historical fiction as well. Girl needs a little diversity, ya hear.

Happy New Year.

Jena said...

I have noticed a serious decrease in my TV watching since reading an article (I think on Sharon's blog) about little time wasters. I haven't made any big changes, I just became much more aware of how I'm managing my time. When I start a mindless game of solitaire, or whatever, I catch myself and think of all the things I want to get done and all the books I want to get read! Even when hubby has the TV on at night now I'm usually more absorbed in my book. I'm excited to read your reviews and hope to have some up myself eventually! :)

Joyce said...

GB-"wallowing in Christmas clean up"!-oh, I hear you! I don't know why I left Three Cups half read, but I'm on it now; hope to finish is today. It's excellent!

Jena, I've let TV creep into my life too much. We didn't even have one for about ten years when the kids were small, and now we have satellite, DVR, the whole works. What happened?? I'm not going to quit watching altogether, but I will be more selective.

Susan T said...

I love DVR...I catch up when I iron...leaves me free to read at the computer is another story...

Susan T said...

one more note...Peggy Noonan's column today is chockful of ideas for good reads as well as her notion that we as a people will re-embrace reading with a voracity this year.

grant said...

I love the line:

"The president lamely insisted he'd lost because he'd been busy as Leader of the Free World."