Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Stroll- January 18, 2009

This is the view we had through our front storm-door Friday morning. It was -18F, and the windchill was -38F. The frost-flowers were the only thing blooming.

We haven't had nearly as much snow as some other areas of the state, but the four inches we did get blew around quite a bit.

Today, when I went for my Sunday stroll, it was a very pleasant 21F, with bright sun and no wind to speak of. Clouds have since moved in. I'm glad that I got out there to enjoy the sunlight while it lasted!

Over the last few days, the animals have found someplace warm to hide from the weather. This rabbit trail was the only sign of activity I saw, and it was freshly made. Someone finally thought it was warm enough to come out and forage.

To see who else had cabin fever, visit Aisling at The Quiet Country House.


Aisling said...

Joyce, Aren't your "frost flowers" beautiful?! I really love the last photo of the shadows... is it a fence? So pretty! And, brrr, it really was cold there wasn't it. We were that cold with wind chills, but not quite that cold in actual degrees.

Joyce said...

Aisling, I love the frosted window. the sun was hitting it so beautfully. and yes, the shadows are made by my neighbor's fence.

Rose said...

I love your "frost flowers," Joyce. I was glad to see the sun come out today and the wind die down. The forecast for Thursday is almost 40 degrees--it will seem like a heat wave!

Rose said...

Me again. I forgot to compliment you on the photos--the shadows on the snow really create some interesting images.

Joyce said...

Thanks, Rose! I'm trying to be a little more artistic with my shots, but today I think I just got lucky with the angle of the sun.

Green Bean said...

Always love your Sunday Stroll photos, Joyce. Beautiful.