Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Quick Explanation

You may have noticed that for the last week I have dabbled with putting ads on this blog. Several people had suggested this to me. I felt uncomfortable about it, not because I think it's wrong to make a little income off of blogging, but because I felt it subverted the philosophy of the blog, which was that I would be writing what was on my heart, and directing readers to the writing of others that I thought was of value. It would not have changed the way I wrote, but it might not have been obvious to new readers that that was the case.

Anyway, I gave it a try, briefly, and found that I still felt uncomfortable. So I took them off, with the exception of the widget for I kept that. I figured that if I read, liked, and reviewed on this blog, books that you might like to read, that would be an easy way for you to access them. That's why it's located under the reading list, instead of in a more obvious place on the layout.


ruchi aka arduous said...

Personally, I have no issue with ads, if you choose to put them up at a later date. I don't have ads on my blog, for the simple reason that I've been told how much money I would make off of them, and to me it's not worth the $10 a month or so I would make given that I know that some people don't like ads.

I know it promotes consumerism and stuff, but frankly, I don't even notice the google ads on blogs. My eyes go straight to the content. And most of the bloggers I read put a lot of work in on their blogs, so who am I to grudge them the money?

But I think we all need to make the decision for ourselves.

Joyce said...

Ruchi, like you, I don't begrudge anyone having adds and making a little money off blogging. It's time consuming, and if you can get a return on your time, that's fine. That was what caused me to try it. I think I mostly didn't like how it looked, as well as wondering if people would think it changed my content at all.

Green Bean said...

I went round and round with this on Green Bean Dreams. We do have a few at the phone booth blog but worked hard to find ones consistent with our beliefs. That for me is the biggest hurdle. I just cannot put up something that is at odds with what I believe and what I write.

Green Bean said...

Just wanted to come back and suggest that you put up an ad for the IndieBound book stores. We have one at the booth and are working on becoming an affiliate for the bookworm blog - for that one we plan to donate the money to charity. IndieBound is as great an ad as there comes. Through their site, you can buy books at your local, independent booksellers and help keep "main street" in business. It is a cause near and dear to my heart and, I predict, where I'll put a lot of my energies in the upcoming year. :)