Monday, January 12, 2009


I just realized that yesterday was my 300th post, since starting the blog mid-summer of 2006. I pretty much just post whatever comes to mind, so I suppose it is a kind of public journal, which is fine, because I am a "what you see is what you get" type of person, with no big secrets.

Recently I started putting funny things on Saturday, and calling it "Saturday Sillies". I think it's important not to take yourself too seriously. I wonder, do my readers like the Saturday Sillies? If they give you a grin, I'll keep posting them. Otherwise, I may just enjoy them myself and not post them.

I've also been posting lists of articles that I found interesting and/or provocative in collections called "Shuffle". A couple of people have said they enjoy these lists. What do you think? Should I keep doing them?

I want to keep posting "Sunday Strolls" as a record of our weather, and the plants in our yard. The rest of the time I plan to write original posts ranging from musings about my job with the church, my family, book reviews, environmental issues, etc. That's mostly what I think about, so that's going to be what I write about. I don't feel compelled to write every day, but it's getting to be a habit, and it's unusual if I miss more than a day or two a week.

I really appreciate the blog friends I've made, and it's kind of humbling to think that there are apparently quite a few folks who read regularly without commenting. I hope more of you will consider coming out of hiding and getting involved in the conversations here!


Donna said...

Love your Saturday Sillies! I showed the most recent one to my husband who also thought it was pretty funny. Actually, I love all the stuff on your blog except for the video clips, which I can't get to with our dial-up connection. Maybe someday, huh!

It's nice to have you in the blogosphere -- thanks!

ruchi aka arduous said...

I like the sillies! I especially enjoyed your latest one. Having lived in Illinois, Illinois political humor is always fine by me!! :)

CindyW said...

Love the Saturday Sillies!
Sunday Strolls!
Your other thoughts.

Rose said...

Congratulations on this milestone, Joyce! I just posted my 100th, which amazed me.

I do enjoy your Saturday Sillies, and of course I like the Sunday Stroll. You post on such a variety of topics I'm always interested to see what you are thinking!

Jena said...

I like your blog and all the special things you've been doing. You really make me think, which is good!

Green Bean said...

Congratulations, Joyce! I love everything you throw up. I especially like the regular features of the Sunday Srolls and Shuffles. Keep up the good work.

Joyce said...

Thanks for your input, ladies! I didn't mean to fish for compliments. Sometimes, when I see really good blogs, I think I need a theme, something that ties everything together, and is a must read for a certain group of people. In the end, "I gotta be me", I guess. Anyway, it's fun to write and connect with so many. Right here you represent OR, London, the Silicon Valley, Central IL, Michigan, and SF Bay. Isn't that cool?

Lady Sterling said...

Joyce - I thoroughly enjoy your blog postings. Although I am not of the gardening variety, I enjoy your Sunday strolls after living in CU for 6 years. I miss the IL beauty. Your blog posts are the ones I go to first in my blog reader. I like the sillies, strolls and shuffles. I sentimentally and out of interest enjoy hearing about the church goings-on, especially the music! (of course!)

Joyce said...

K- so much fun to keep up with you, too! Glad we "blogged into" each other again!