Friday, January 23, 2009


Article #1:

"I was at the store the other day and was watching an old lady, cane in hand, slowly make her way across the atrium area to a door for a department store. When she reached the door, a man swung it open so hard that it would have knocked the old lady over if she hadn’t been just out of reach, then he continued on his way without even giving the old lady a glance. Several other people stepped to the side and used the other door as the old woman struggled to open it and quickly went on their way without stopping to offer and help. There was an opportunity for at least 5 people to help, but none of them did and the thing is, I don’t think that any of them even realized that they hadn’t helped. They had been so busy and focused on what they were doing and where they were going that they had simply failed to recognize that someone could use a helping hand."

Free Microloan's article on ways we could make the world a better place by focusing on small gestures as we go about our day. The article includes in interesting story about Joshua Bell playing in a Metro station.

Article #2:

One of several videos I've seen about the long term effects of plastic use.

Article #3

"Don’t get me wrong, the call to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ is a joy. Yesterday I pronounced a godly young couple husband and wife. This morning I baptized a brother in Christ. Nothing is more thrilling than opening the Word of God to the people of Christ week-by-week. But it provoked my spirit this morning to preach the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday emphasis this morning."

Read "Why I Hate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday" by Russel Moore

Article #4:

"An atheist drive to persuade people that God doesn't exist is catching on in a surprising fashion -- on the sides of buses in a growing number of countries around the world."

Read more here.

And if all that was just too serious, here's something that's just kind of fun:

Article #5


Green Resolutions said...

What a great post! I actually read the Joshua Bell article a couple of weeks ago and I was so touched. Amazing, isn't it?

I hadn't seen that plastic report. Thank you for posting it.

Rose said...

The video about the plastics is really scary--a good reason for all of us to re-think our use of this nonbiodegradable stuff.
While I try to think of ways to reduce my use of plastic, you can be sure I won't be diving through any open car windows:)

Joyce said...

GR-I couldn't believe no one would stop to listen to that beautiful music! People are just in their own little world.

Rose-that video scared the socks off me. When I saw that bag of "sand", it made me realize just what a mess we've made. I probably should watch it once a month to keep myself focused.