Friday, January 9, 2009


Article #1:

A clip in which the Surgeon General of New York, Dr. Daines, explains why he thinks there should be an obesity tax.

Article #2:

"Your mailbox has probably already been cluttered with the panic messages. Giving is drastically down! Our needs are dramatically up! Please dig deep! Whatever you gave last time, would you please consider doubling it this time around?
I have an alternative suggestion: When you get the next request like that, trash it. "

Joel Beltz, writing in World Magazine, gives helpful advice on how to deal with the onslaught of mail from charitable organizations.

HT:Glenn Penner

Article #3:

Blogger Arduous wrote last year about her culinary attempts in joining the Slow Food Movement. No one I know can see the humor in their own situation like Arduous can. I laughed 'til I cried.

Article #4:
Article 5:

What does the number 50,000,000 mean to you? Justin Taylor posts a visual for you.


Jena said...

I like that video clip. It amazes me how many people live on pop. I don't like it - can't stand it - and I'm glad! I think it is partially because I never had it as a kid, now it makes my eyes water.

Green Bean said...

Love the article on giving. I get so frustrated by charities. They are by far the worst offenders of junk mail and I've always suspected that they spend a fair amount of money on those mass mailings. Of course, I also fell victim from time to time because I agree with their causes. I still give to a few but whenver I get any paper mail from them I write and say that I will not support an organization that does that. Great food for thought.

Also, that cartoon is great! What gets me about the new phones where you can access email and the Internet are those monthly recurring fees. Everyone seems to pay them without a second thought but hey! they really really add up.

Love the new Suffle thing, Joyce.

Joyce said...

Jena, I didn't grow up on pop either, since my dad was a dentist and thought it was bad our teeth. To me it's more of a treat, not something you should have daily.

GB-That was pretty eye-opening, wasn't it? And the ones that send me the most mail are the Sierra Club and World Wildlife Federation!

I have to confess, the iPhone intrigues me, though I certainly can't afford it. I love cool little gadgets like that. The comic gives me a little more ability to resist.

Glad you like Shuffle-it's been kind of fun to collect things for it.