Friday, January 2, 2009

German Potato Soup

I mentioned on Facebook that I was making potato soup for dinner, thinking, "Wow, what a boring status report.". Then two friends wanted to know the recipe! So here it is:

Combine in a sauce pan:
4 medium potatoes, peeled and diced (I use redskins, and I don't peel them)
1 onion, diced
1 t. salt
dash pepper
3 1/2 c. water (I don't really measure that, just put enough in to cover everything)
Cook until the potatoes are tender
Heat in a smaller sauce pan:
1T butter
1T flour
Allow butter and flour to brown, stirring constantly
3 c. liquid from the potatoes (I just use 3 ladles full)
Cook and stir until smooth. Add into the potatoes and onions and heat through.

Very easy. This makes 4-5 big bowls full, but it's easy to double if you want more, which I did for years (actually, I think I tripled it for a while!). It really only takes about a 1/2 hour altogether.

Mel, you can do this. Really.


Lady Sterling said...

mmmm, yummers! Thanks!

Joyce said...

Enjoy, K!

DramaMama said...

LOL!!! Thanks! I will try soon! I never was much of a soup eater and then over the summer we had all those veggies...I now can say that I've eaten (and enjoyed!) my share of soups - even w/cabbage in them! It does sound easy. And I placed a hold on the cookbook from the library - I'm thinking of sharing it w/a bunch of other friends who are hoping to slash their budgets this year. If we like it maybe we'll all chip in and share a copy =)

DramaMama said...

Notice I said "I've eaten..." I didn't say I cooked! But the truth is that I did cook them all and I guess I have to get used to putting those words together in a string...I COOKED. Sounds weird!

Michael said...

I can testify that it was an excellent batch. I'm looking forward to having some leftovers for lunch.

Rose said...

Potato soup is a staple here during the winter. You don't add milk to yours?

Joyce said...

Rose,I've had it with milk, but that's not the recipe we like the best. This is from The More With Less Cookbook.