Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Stroll- November 16, 2008

At the beginning of the week we still had beautiful fall color. Then, Tuesday night it dropped down to 19 degrees F, and the Big Leaf Drop began in earnest.
I've been nursing a little foot injury, so my husband got stuck with Round One of the raking job. It was lovely 36 degrees while he worked, with a stiff wind and a light precipitation of some sort- snow? sleet? drizzle?- coming down.

We could never find room to compost all our leaves at home, but fortunately our city has a collection program and they are all taken to a municipal yard waste recycling location. Next spring folks can go out there and get very good mulch, or even have it delivered to their homes for a reasonable price.
We've got thirteen bags for them this week and will have that much or more next week, including things that we need to clear out of the garden.
That's my "stroll", so to speak, this week. If you'd like to see if anyone else did something more interesting, head on over to The Quiet Country House.


Marcie said...

We had that big leaf drop here this week too. All over the highways, the village sidewalks and the country lanes. So pretty, and bittersweet too.

So glad you shared some photos today.

Everydaywoman said...

The colors looked beautiful before the "drop!" We had a lot of rain that helped to bring our leaves down and make it quite slippery on the roadways, but it's still fairly mild here. Do hope you had a special treat for your dear husband when he finished all that work!

Joyce said...

Thanks again for hosting the Sunday Stroll, Aisling. I'm curious to see what people post during the winter months.

EDW- He worked pretty hard, so he treated himself to watching football on TV- through his eyelids, of course!

Margaret Porter said...

Ah, the next step in autumn, after the colour--the fall of the leaves!

Rose said...

We really saw a change this week, didn't we? I haven't done any raking at all yet--I keep hoping a strong wind will blow them away:) Hope your foot is doing better soon; my husband has had some ankle problems and has been off work for a couple weeks, so he won't be much help with the raking.
How sweet of your Hubby to take care of all those leaves--he deserved that nap!

Anonymous said...

Thirty six degrees. We Californian wimps shiver and curse when it gets down to the mid fifties.

I like cold weather though (okay, maybe not bone-chilling cold). I feel energized by it.

Beautiful leaves. And the neatiness of your bags stacked against the wall :)