Saturday, November 1, 2008

Not Thankful TO God, But Thankful FOR God

From Phillip at The Thinklings

"If I lost my country, my home, my family and life as I know it, God would be enough...because he would have to be. He would be enough because I had nothing else. (Having lost all of my earthly possessions once in a robbery/fire, I speak with some authority on this subject. That was a time when I learned a little better what "dependence on God" really meant.) Israel had to lose everything in order to quit turning to idols. (They never had a problem with idolatry again after the exile.)

With that realization, what's really scary to me about that question now is that I have to rephrase it: "Is God himself enough for me really? Even when I have everything else?"

Even when the guy I like is President?
Even when I live in the greatest nation on earth?
Even when I live in a beautiful home with a nice yard?
Even when I have a great wife and 4 perfect children?
Even when I don't worry where my next meal will come from?
Even when I have all the entertainment and diversion I need?

Is God still enough? Is he really all I need? Am I living like He is, right now when I have so much?"

As a reminder why, in all circumstances, He should be enough:

The November 30 Day Thanksgiving Challenge

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