Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanks For Warmth

Today I'm thankful for the great new fabrics and technology that are available for outdoor clothing. I'm writing this after coming back from the crossing. It was the first day of the season when the windchill was below zero ( which means my husband issued his first "frozen booger alert" of the winter!). When I first started the job sixteen years ago, I really didn't have any special clothing other than the usual cloth winter coat, hat, scarf and gloves. It's amazing I didn't get frostbite!

Now I have a nice Columbia 3-in-1 coat, thermal fleece gloves, wind mittens, snowboard pants, insulated boots, thermal fleece helmet, and Smartwool socks. I didn't wear all of this today, by any means, but I certainly will for a few weeks this winter. I acquired all of this gradually over the years. The best places to get these things are stores that cater to runners or skiers. The new fabrics repel water and wind, wick moisture away from the body, and are light weight. I'm never really cold out there now, provided I chose to dress appropriately. Sometimes I guess wrong, and come home pretty cold or wet, but nothing that a hot shower and a cup of coffee won't cure.

So, thanks to all those fabric technologists for their genius.

The 30 Day Thanksgiving Challenge


matt said...

So I guess the orange vest doesn't give you any thermal advantage?

Joyce said...

Uh, no

Kathy Garrison said...

Hi Joyce!
Of course I remember you! good to hear from you and find your blog. We are all doing well - if you've found our blog, I guess you know what we're up to! Some major changes are headed our way. I am currently teaching second grade at Judah, but will be home again next year. Poor, but happy! :)
Hope your family is all doing well - it's amazing how fast kids grow up, isn't it?

Take care,

Joyce said...

Hi, Kathy- thanks for stopping by! I'm enjoying reading about your adoption advetures. I hope everything comes together soon!