Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankful For Humor

I'm thankful for humor. I saw this humorous clip the other day, and thought it actually fit with the subject of thankfulness because it is commentary on how not to be thankful.

Now, there are a couple of little (non-swearing) phrases this comedian uses that I wouldn't use myself, so I'll just warn you ahead of time, but my husband and I both found it very funny, and the underlying message is right on.

The 30 Day Thanksgiving Challenge


Green Bean said...

Ha! That was funny. Thanks for the laugh.

Rose said...

This was so funny--thanks for sharing it, Joyce! It is so true; have you ever found yourself impatiently waiting for the microwave to heat something up in 60 minutes? Or how many times have we complained about a slow internet connection? How quickly we learn to take things for granted.

Joyce said...

GB, Rose, we howled when we saw it. I hesitated to post it because of those few crass phrases, then i just decided that if Mike and I were fine with it, surely everyone else would be. We'll be quoting it for a long time, I think.