Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Stroll-November 2, 2008

My neighborhood seems to be at it's peak for fall color this weekend. When the trees are so spectacular, it would be easy to dwell on the larger vistas that allow me to see several trees at once, and the way their foliage contrasts so beautifully. These are just a few steps from my house, looking across a nearby church's lawn.

The wonderful thing about participating in Aisling's Sunday Stroll, though, is the way it forces me to look at smaller views, and take pleasure in the somewhat quieter things I can see on that scale. For instance, in my own yard I have a little serviceberry tree. I love this small, multi-stemmed understory tree. In the spring it has white flowers, blooming quite early. Then it has small, purple, edible fruits in June, which are quickly raided by the birds. In fall it turns a wonderful lemon yellow.

I've posted about the oak leaf hydrangeas before. They are another plant that gives you something interesting every season. They even have a birch-like peeling bark that is interesting in the winter. Right now they are turning a mahogany brown.

This rock-spray catoneaster was sown by the birds, I think, right along our fence, and I left it to become part of the "woodsy" section of our yard. Structurally, it's pretty interesting, "splashing" every which-way, it's branches lined with small, shiny, deep green leaves, and, in summer and fall, red berries. It's starting to turn Illini orange, so you know it was meant to be in our yard!

Near it, there is still some lamium (dead-nettle) blooming. This foliage will soon turn a deep purple, but for now it acts like it's April.

Finally, the smallest plant of all in my yard is this moss. Some people really don't like to have moss in their lawn, but I think it's beautiful, and naturally belongs in that wet and shady area. I love the bright chartreuse color and soft velvety texture against the the dark green spiky grass.

That's my stroll for the day. If you'd like to see what others are finding on their strolls, go to


Aisling said...

Joyce, I just loved your stroll today. I love the way you began with the larger vista, and narrowed down to the tiny moss on the ground. I'm a fan of moss too! I'm so glad you shared your stroll. :)

Jena said...

What a nice stroll! There is so much beauty around that we take advantage of. Thanks for sharing!

Rose said...

Beautiful photos, Joyce! I am so entranced by the fall foliage this year that I find myself watching the trees as I drive, which is not a good thing:) Just when I thought they had all reached their peak of fall color, I notice even more leaves turning.

I can see why you like your serviceberry with its multiseason interest. I agree the oakleaf hydrangeas are lovely all year round; I really want to plant one (or two) here. And what more could you ask for than an Illini orange tree!

Everydaywoman said...

Love the hues, Joyce! Thanks so much for sharing your stroll with us! I bet the choir feels quite lucky to be working with YOU, too!...Ruth

CindyW said...

My Monday cannot be completed without watching your Sunday Stroll. Wow, the brilliant colors! It like the truffula trees in Dr. Suess' book - The Lorax.

Thanks for the pictures.