Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Stroll- October 5, 2008

Our old kitty, Cinnamon, rarely stirs her old bones to much activity these days, but it was such a perfect October day that she decided to lead me on my Sunday Stroll today, and show me all her favorite haunts. Here, she wants to make sure you notice her perfectly white belly. She works very hard at keeping it clean!

Next, she wandered through the sedum and chrysanthemums, but coyly dodged the camera.

She "helped" me by winding around my feet as I enjoyed the rose hips on the climber.

She meowed loudly to make sure I discovered her in one of her favorite haunts under the forsythia.

Again she dodged me as she frisked under the big yew, but I was enjoying the textural contrast of the yew with the purple wintercreeper and the bark of the maple.

The butterflies were out in full force.

I had to show you this cute clothespin holder that belonged to Mike's grandmother. I'll bet she bought it at a church bazaar! It just has that church bazaar-ish look to it, doesn't it?

Lamb's ears-great texture, isn't it?

Now Cinnamon is all worn out, and wants to go inside to take a nap- for at least the next five hours or so.
Thanks for strolling with us! If you'd like to stroll with a few other folks, go to The Quiet Country House.


Aisling said...

Joyce, Cinnamon is just a doll. What a perfect tour guide! :)

Your sedum is so pretty. I have two tiny clumps, but would love a long, pretty stretch as it appears you have.

Thank you for sharing a little taste of your autumn afternoon.

Rose said...

I so enjoyed this stroll around your garden, Joyce. Cinnamon looks much like our Tarzan (I didn't name him!); ironically, though, Cinnamon was the name of my youngest daughter's cat when she was young. She still has fond memories of him.
The butterflies seem to love the sedum, don't they?

Joyce said...

Thanks, ladies. Cinnamon is a little character! She was definately in a feisty mood yesteday. How strange that you had a cat with the same name, Rose!

The sedum definately attracts lots of pollinators. The problem with mine is that they sort of overgrow themselves and flop outward instead of standing upright. Someone told me that our soil is actually too rich for them, and they would do better in a tougher environment. Does anyone have any thoughts on this problem?

CindyW said...

Haha, you have such a cute strolling companion. She is smart too taking you to cool places :)

Bugs and Brooms said...

I love it! What a cute kitty and a beautifil garden! Our cats (especially one) likes to join us on walks too - I always thought that was strange but it is nice to know that there are other felines that do the same thing!