Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Stroll-October 26, 2008

There is a very nice walking/biking path about a block from my house that follows a drainage area that leads to Mattis Lake. I often go the the lake area, but this time I followed the path, which winds along behind some houses. The water is down to normal, after being up pretty high most of the summer.Once you get back in there a few yards, you come to some cattails, which, for some reason, I always love.

Growing up, I always heard this called slough-grass. It must have some more specific name. Does anyone out there know it? It gets about nine feet tall.
There are several places where the city has put measuring posts into the slough. I would imagine that they can go out there when we've had too much rain and use the measurements to know if they need to evacuate the neighbors. Part of me wishes I lived along this little wild area, but part of me (the sensible part!) knows I would be pretty frustrated by having to watch out for high water every time it rains.
I could also hear a lot of little "plopping" noises as I walked along. It seems pretty chilly for frogs; I think it was probably muskrats, though I didn't get a glimpse of them this time.

I love watching the wind move through that grass!

Eventually, there is another retention pond, that is very peaceful to sit by. All of this, lake, ditch, and pond, are man-made. Prior to them being created, I remember as a child that this area was our favorite place to ride our bikes through big mud puddles, and the farm field that was there always had ponding issues. This is a big improvement (though maybe not as fun for children!).

It's such a beautiful place to sit on a bench and relax in a natural environment.

So, that was my stroll. If you'd like to see who else is strolling, visit Aisling, at The Quiet Country House.


Aisling said...

I love that kind of stroll, Joyce. I would feel right at home in that wild area. The last picture is especially pretty. It looks so serene. Thank you for sharing this nice walk with us.

Rose said...

What a beautiful place for a walk! I wish we had some similar trails around here. I feel a little foolish driving into Champaign just to take a walk:)

Anonymous said...

Cattails can be of two species: Typha angustifolia (narrow leaf cattails, have narrow leaves deep green, separated male and female parts) or Typha latifolia (broad leaf cattails, blue green broad leaves, male/female parts not separated). There is also a hybrid between the two, typha glauca. Hope this helps!

CindyW said...

Love the picture of the lake. You are so lucky living close to and walking by THAT. Wow.

Surely I have said it before, but I love your Sunday Strolls.