Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blog Action Day Follow-up

Even in my rather small blogging circle, there were some very thought-provoking posts yesterday on the theme of poverty. I'd like to invite you to check them out. It's interesting how different writers and different personalities came at this subject from so many angles.

Grant wrote about the way he acts upon his convictions by heading up a team to rehab houses locally.

Rob's interest in economics and politics are easy to see in his post; they are worth noting in this political season.

Erin takes the Evangelical mega-church movement to task about it's skewed priorities.

Sara reminds us that we will be accountable for what we focus our lives upon.

Beth has a powerful post showing how those of us who have much inadvertently misuse the poor by degrading their environment with our waste.

Jared quotes Bono's speech about justice for the poor.

Others who have posted recently on the subject of poverty and justice:

Joey reminded us a couple of days ago that there is an historical record of what happens to a society that ignores the plight of the poor.

Ruchi"s observations a month ago, made during a visit to India, fit right in with the theme.

It is great to see so many thinking and writing on this subject, and important to keep it before every one's eyes. But the goal of all that is to provoke action. Has reading any of this inspired someone out there to do something? Give something?


Amy said...

Great posts all around, including yours. But especially Erin's - very important!

Donna said...

In answer to your question -- yes. That was the exact topic of my post which I never finished. You've inspired me to finish it, even though it's late!