Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Stroll-October 19, 2008

It's the last hurrah for the violets under our crab apple tree. Their cool colors are quite a contrast for this season. The rest of the neighborhood is going up in flames.

Maple leaf among the chrysanthemums:

Honey locust:
Sugar maple:
Burning bush:

A last round of blooms from the geraniums:
To see who else is strolling, visit Aisling at The Quiet Country House.


Aisling said...

I love all that vibrant color, Joyce, particularly the burning bust and cheerful yellow mums. I cannot believe you have violets blooming in October! How wonderful!

Thank you for strolling this morning. I'm waiting for the wind to calm down a little bit so my camera will focus! :)

linda said...

What a treasure to have violets! And your burning bush makes me want to see if they grow in my area of zone 9! It's gorgeous, in fact, all your colorfulness if wonderful! I could not stroll today but definitely enjoyed yours .. :)

Rose said...

Beautiful photos, Joyce! I have really been enjoying the fall show of color this year, but I admit to being partial to those crimson burning bushes.

Enjoyed the photo of the generations looking at youtube:)

Joyce said...

The violets must be a little confused, although I know they like cool weather and shorter days. Still, I don't think I remember them blooming before at this time of year. The burning bush is my neighbor's- mine is pretty, but usually blocked by my daughter's car. I just love them. I have no idea if they will grow in zone 9, or if they need a colder winter.

Going Crunchy said...

Seems like we are both up and about in fall! Joyce, if you pass this way on a Sunday I'd love to invite you to attend a visit to my church. I think you would love the music! The 10:30 service usually features the band moving and groovin'. sannon

Joyce said...

Shannon, that would be fun! I only get four Sundays off a year, and they are often spent visiting my out-of-state sons, but sometimes I'm up there to see my sister in Lake Zurich. If I am, I'll contact you. It would be fun to meet in real life!

Green Bean said...

Ahhh, fall! My favorite season of the year. Thanks for sharing.

CindyW said...

Oh so gorgeous! Thanks Joyce.

Where is your cat, the strolling companion? :)

We found a cat and returned her to her worried owner this weekend. Now my kids want a kitten :)

Joyce said...

Cindy, Cinnamon is a senior citizen and some days she just doesn't want to "stroll". She was probably curled up in a sunbeam in the house, if I know her.

Kittens are fun, but, as you know, it's a long commitment. I've teased my daughter, since the cats are supposedly "hers" (in other words, she begged for them!), will she take them with her when she moves out? Of course she won't- it would just be too cruel to make them adjust to a new place at their age. So I guess my husband and I will have to deal with their kitty Alzheimers without her help.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wonderful fall photos! The geraniums just hang in there, don't they?

Nan said...

Very, very nice to stroll along with you. I especially like the honey locust.