Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Call To The Front Line

"Maintenance prayer meetings are short, mechanical and totally focused on physical needs inside the church or on personal needs of the people present. But frontline prayer has three basic traits: a) a request for grace to confess sins and humble ourselves, b) a compassion and zeal for the flourishing of the church, and c) a yearning to know God, to see his face, to see his glory."

Tim Keller, "Kingdom-centered Prayer," Redeemer Report, January 2006.


Bellezza said...

A good reminder; I never want my prayers to be monotomous, or mundane. I pray He understands what I'm trying to say because at least he can see into my heart. Don't you love the line in the Bible that says the Spirit intervenes for us when we don't know what to say?

Joyce said...

I do love that promise, Bellezza, and have claimed it a few times. It seems to be there for those times when monotony is absolutely not an option. I hope you are resting in Him, and feeling His arms around you today.

Rose said...

A good reminder. I'm afraid I fall into the maintenance category far too often.

I've been reading your last couple posts about the green movement, Joyce. At first I wasn't going to comment on them, because I'm not really active in this issue. I do try to be conscious of how my actions affect the environment and am working to reduce my consumption of things that are not good for it. I just prefer to do this as an individual, not as part of a group.
But I did want to compliment you on your very thoughtful posts. It's obvious you care about the issue and want to reach as many people as possible, without going overboard or "turning people off." You have some excellent ideas.

Joyce said...

Thank you, Rose. I'm really more like you, not much of an activist. I started reading green blogs somehow through gardening, and it went from there. Nearly everyone I know is more like you, just quietly doing the right thing. Somehow, to my great surprise, I sucked into the vortex, so to speak. So, I'm just going where I'm lead.