Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Stroll-9-28-08

My garden is back in my good graces. In early spring it raises my spirits with it's exultant victory-over-winter crocus and forsythia. I always love it in iris-and-peony season, when it has obligingly served as the lush background for many a prom or graduation picture. Mid-summer, despite the hollyhocks, it goes into the doldrums, struggling with the heat and humidity, or the heat and drought, or lack of consistent care from it's mistress. Then we get to the fall. Oh, how I love it in the fall! There's the sedum, humming with bees:

Rock-spray catoneaster:

Oak leaf hydrangea, putting on it's party clothes:

So is the tulip poplar:
I left humming "The Last Rose of Summer". I'll have to find my recording of James Galway playing that one to complete the beauty of the day.
If you'd like to stroll along with some others, visit The Quiet Country House.


linda said...

your garden is stunning this time of year...mine is needing much time and water as we have had no rain as yet...

come and stroll through the vineyard this day!

Aisling said...


What a lush, beautiful lineup of photos. I loved the purple asters in the last photo; their cousins are growing in my field. :)