Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Stroll-June 15, Father's Day

My garden is sort of between blooms today, along with being a little wind-whipped. I opted to show you some things that are in a more sheltered area. The first is our oakleaf hydrangea, which was planted by my oldest son, Matt, when he was in about 5th grade as part of a requirement for Webelos. They've filled in nicely since then, and they smell so good when they bloom!

This is one of several geraniums I've managed to winter over in the house in the last few years. I've finally gotten that skill down, and it saves me a trip to the garden center each spring.
I hope you are having a great Father's Day! The kids grilled brats for their dad and we had lunch al fresco on the patio, followed by a cut-throat game of croquet, a family tradition. I felt bad that I didn't have any digital photos of Mike and the kids to use for this blog, since he is usually the photographer, and still likes to use his old 35mm. But if you go to Matt's blog, you can see what was posted to honor his dad last week on Mike's birthday, and see what a good dad Mike has always been.


eco 'burban mom said...

It's great to see that everything hasnt' been pummeled by the wind and the rain! Here's hoping the sky's clear up soon over your way! We had more storms here today and I see we've got more coming all week long. Green gardens and even bigger weeds! Yippee!

Green Bean said...

I love love love oakleaf hydrangeas! I had two at my last home but never got around to planting any here. So beautiful.

Joyce said...

EBM-We had a beautiful day until late afternoon, when we got slammed with another round of storms. How can there be any more rain up there to fall on us?

GB-I think they are my favorite of all our shrubs. I'm surprised you can grow them there; I thought they needed a lot of water?

Rose said...

Your hydrangeas look beautiful, one of my favorites. And your geranium is lovely, too. My mother always manages to keep geraniums over the winter, but I haven't mastered that skill yet (well, I think it's neglect on my part).
Enjoyed the photos of your son and grandchild. Doesn't it make you feel proud to see your own sons become such good fathers?

CindyW said...

Glad you had a sunny Sunday, well at least half way :)

I love that you have a tradition of croquet games. I usually don't like anything on the regular basis. But I love family traditions, good, bad or wierd - it's a part of family collective memory.

Joyce said...

Cyndy-I think Mike loves that tradition because he always wins!!

Rose-It is great to see Paul with the baby. I'm biased, but I'm not sure I've ever seen a new dad who was so good with a baby, and so willing to pitch in on the "dirty work".