Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week 2 of the "Buy Nothing New In April" Challenge

Okay, all you bean-counters, here's the lowdown on our spending for this past week:

$3.86-primer and spray paint for Mike's frame for the art show


That's it. We could have done better on food, but we ordered pizza one night, and Mike also attended a good-bye party for some workmates at Jupiter's. I have no remorse about either of those; I think they just count as food.

So far, we still haven't had to buy gas. We had good biking weather at the beginning of the week, so the car stayed home from Sunday noon until Wednesday night. Then the weather got stormy and I drove, though Mike took the bus on those days.

We've had slight little temptations here and there, but nothing too troubling. Mike saw some sale items at the hardware store he said he might have picked up were it not for the challenge. I just didn't go into any stores except the grocery store. The pizza is sort of a fun tradition on Saturday night, and then there are leftovers from it for Sunday lunch.

P.S.-For those of you who have no idea why I'm posting this on my blog about worship, I've agreed to participate in a "challenge" with some other bloggers. We're challenging ourselves to try not to buy anything non-essential for a whole month. I wanted to do this (and Mike is doing it too) so that I can remind myself of what is essential and what is not. And the cool thing is, we're saving a ton of money!


Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I agreed to this challenge, too, but my dh did not. I was doing pretty well until I had to get a prescription at Walmart (it was a hard to find drug that only walmart carried). I was in there waiting for 45 minutes. I HAD to walk around and of course I HAD to find something to buy. Not too bad though... it was more pages to hold my coupons in my binder. Oh, and the gummy worms. I confess. :)

It's hard to do this challenge when hubby isn't interested. At least I do most of the grocery shopping, so I'm saving us money by not buying quite so much.

Joyce said...

I wasn't sure my husband would go along with it, but he's been really good about supporting me on this little escapade!