Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Big Reveal

A block up the street from our house is Bottenfield Elementary School . My sisters and I attended this school when we were children; then my four kids went there. While they were there, I worked as the crossing guard and lunchroom/recess supervisor. Then, four years ago, my son was hired to teach art there. The school has always sort of been an extension of our home. It's certainly an integral part of the neighborhood. Maybe that's why I still hang on to that crossing guard job, despite those subzero days and driving rainstorms. It keeps me in touch with the little people in my neighborhood, and a lot of their mothers, too.

When I worked inside the building I made friends with a wonderful woman named Debbie, who was the school custodian. She was one of the most hard-working people I ever knew, and she loved the kids, instead of resenting the continual messes they made. Last fall Debbie lost her battle with breast cancer. She was a strong Christian, and I know I'll see her again, but all of us wish she didn't have to go so young. The children decided to do a fund-raiser for cancer research in her honor.

I'm not exactly sure how the idea of an incentive developed, but to encourage the students to raise $2,000, my son and one of the fifth grade teachers agreed to shave their heads in an assembly if the goal was met. I kind of had the impression, in talking to Grant, that he didn't think that amount would be raised-a bit of denial, if that's the case. I don't know why this head shaving thing was such a motivator for the students, but I heard about this for several weeks at my crossing, as children showed me their little baggies full of coins, or told me they were giving their birthday money towards the cause, because they so wanted to see those teachers get their heads shaved!

Well, they more than made it! Yesterday was the big day. So, here's the big reveal:

Grant, you're a trooper! Thanks for taking one for the home team! Debbie would have loved cleaning up your hair.


Super B's Mom said...

AWESOME! What a great sport he was! :)

grant said...

I also thought about Debbie sweeping up my mess after it was all over and made the whole thing kinda bitter sweet.
My wife video-ed the whole thing and you can hear the kids screaming away:
watch it here

matt said...

Thought #1: I'm surprised it wasn't scarred and lumpy from getting thumped by Paul and I as kids.

Thought #2: I remember when this happened by accident when he was a kid. That was just too funny...