Friday, April 4, 2008

Universal Hallelujahs

I'm glad I live where there are four distinct seasons. I think it breeds a real appreciation for the signs of spring! Seeing these little crocus, with their vivid splash of royal purple against the dead detritus of the late winter flower bed makes me think of the refrain to a Chris Rice song:

O praise Him, all His mighty works!
There is no language where you can't be heard!
Your song goes out through all the earth-
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!


Bellezza said...

Oh, your crocuses are lovely! They are such a touch of spring, which is quite remiss up here in northern Illinois. Today (Saturday) is the first day of sunshine. When I see the colors, the works of His hands, I want to shout Hallelujah as well.

By the way, I've been enjoying American Idol (hate the name, though) this year, and I so liked Jason Casto's song "Hallelujah." Did you happen to hear it?

Joyce said...

I don't know why, but I've actally never seen "American Idol". I feel out of touch with my culture! I think it must be on at a time when I'm tied up with something else.

My forsythia burst forth today, as well. Now I feel like spring is actually here.

matt said...

Yeah, we're a week behind or so up here in NE Ohio.

We've had crocuses, but, well, it was still miserable weather. Now we have daffodils. Not to one-up y'all but I'm not ready to yell "spring" until daffodils have come up, although the crocuses are a good sign of things to come.