Friday, June 19, 2009


Article #1:

Here's a short interview with a pastor who is revitalizing a dying church in a place where people "don't do God".

Andrew Baughen – St. James Clerkenwell from Mars Hill Church on Vimeo.

Article #2:

If you are interested in the Christian debate about Global Warming you might like Dean Ohlman's excellent article.

Article #3:

Finally, here's a wonderful post from local blogger, Rose, about volunteering with her grandchildren. What a great idea!


Donna said...

What a great article on global warming! I can't for the life of me understand why there is such resistance to the idea in Evangelical Christian circles. It's a measurable phenomenon -- what's our problem? Anyway, that seems to be changing, at least in the circles I see. Thanks for the link.

Joyce said...

Donna, here it seems more generational. The younger people at church are mostly very open to thinking about Global Warming; the older ones often think it's nonsense. I, of course, am right in the middle age-wise, so I get to hear all opinions :)