Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Silliness

A friend of mine posted this on FaceBook, titled "Are Women Just Born This Way?".

HT: Kellie


Rose said...

That's hilarious! But I don't think it's just women. I remember one of my children was slow to start talking, but we always joked that once he started, he never stopped!

Thanks for the link on your last post; maybe we'll encourage some more volunteers at the shelter!

Joyce said...

A couple of my boys were real talkers, but the only one who did this type of "pretend" talking was my daughter, with her play phone. I always said it sounded like someone who had typed with their fingers on the wrong keys- like it should be a real language but it wasn't.

Don't you love the eye contact and the hand gestures? She's really a little copy-cat!