Monday, April 27, 2009

For a Rainy Day

From one of my favorite Ned Rorem art songs, "Rain In Spring":

There fell a beautiful clear rain,
with no admixture of fog or snow,
and this was, and no other thing,
the very sign of the start of spring.

Not the longing for a lover;
nor the sentiment of starting over;
just that clear and refreshing rain,
falling without haste or strain.

I was so struck by that poetry, set by Rorem to a calm, contemplative melody, and had it on the program for my junior recital when I was in college. It's perfect for today.


Rose said...

It was a beautiful rain today, and the timing was perfect. I transplanted some plants Saturday and forgot to water them. And I had to work today--always better to be cooped up inside when it's raining than when it's sunny! And there's nothing like a gentle rain to help you fall asleep...which is where I'm headed:)

Joyce said...

Rose, I did the same thing with my transplants.

I was just looking out the window today and saw how beautifully green everthing was. The rain just makes everything fresh looking.

Aisling said...

Those words are beautiful! I have never read that before. Now I'd love to hear it set to music!