Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Rose said...

Sorry I missed this last night, but thanks for the laughs this morning:) This brings back memories--I used to always watch the Muppets show with my kids; much more entertaining for adults,too, than the cartoons they have today. I still haven't figured out the appeal of Spongebob:)

Hope you are starting to feel a little better, Joyce.

Joyce said...

Loved the Muppet Show! It inspired my kids to perform many a behind-the-couch puppet show with their stuffed animals.

I'm feeling better today, though still under strict orders from my husband to do "nothing", whatever that is. Thank goodness for antibiotics!

DramaMama said...

LOL - Moses and I also watched Beaker's Ode to Joy which was one of the others recommended when this one stopped. Too funny! Moses of course wanted to watch alllllll the classical music ones that popped up! Can't wait to get this kid into music lessons...thanks for finding this one!