Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Concert Opportunity

I promise I will post something original soon! In fact I have three posts in the works, but haven't finished them just yet.

Still, I thought I would pass on a clip that was sent to me by Babara Hedlund of the little 6-year-old girl, Emily Bear, from Rockford, IL, who will be playing with the C-U Symphony on April 11th. If you can get over to Krannert and buy a ticket, I think you would be delighted by her.


Donna said...

Incredible! I love stories like this, even though I played Mozart's 23rd concerto in college and was never good enough to play with an orchestra. :)

Joyce said...

I'm just amazed by her! I'm glad she is placed in the family she has, because they can give her so much support, and yet seem to have their priorities straight about her raising her.