Thursday, May 22, 2008

Uncomfortable Worship

"The church is to be aware of the world in its worship, not to seek to match its style or to attempt to be relevant to the world on its own terms, but in order to offer its true relevance: to show and tell the world those things with which it is not comfortable, because it has forgotten them. Rather than being a public echo of the world’s familiar business, we’re called to be “the public forum of the world’s radical business,” the place where the world is called back to the root of every matter, the source of every existence, to confront the God who made it; our worship, insofar as it meets needs, should be meeting needs which the culture does not see. Insofar as it’s about us at all, which is only secondarily, it should be building us up as the people of God to go out to serve him in the human city as agents of the city of God, and not for any other purpose."

Rob Harrison, The Spyglass


Rob said...

Hey, thanks for the quote; I'm honored. Nice place you have here--I'll have to look around a bit. :)

Joyce said...

Hi, Rob, thanks for stopping by. I very much appreciate the thought you put into your posts. I like to collect insights into worship that go beyond things like musical style, and look at theology of worship. Hopefully, they help our congregation grow and deepen understanding.

Rob said...

Glad to be of service, and thank you for the kind words. For me, a lot of the value of blogging is that it gives me a place to think out loud; it's always good to hear that someone else has benefited from that.

BTW, that geese post is just too perfect. :)