Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Stroll

The irises are at their peak, now. Their season is so short, I try to enjoy them thoroughly while we have them.

Memorial Day is tomorrow, and I hope these peonies will be blooming by then to put out in the cemetery.

This bed is not blooming yet, but contains roses, chrysanthemum, Moonshine coreopsis, daylillies, and sundrops, plus a sedum that must be on steroids!

The sun came out just as I took this shot of the nice wine-colored penstemon, washing out it's color, but I love it's contrasting foliage against the peonies and lamb's ears. All of these plants are pass-along plants; the lamb's ears have come down in the family from my great grandmother.


Michelle said...

All of this beauty is in your yard? Wow. I'm in awe. I have managed to kill every plant that has ever been given to me (including a cactus). Sadly, I am not very good with flowers. They don't particularly love me either: my allergies were awful this year. Lots of love, Michelle

Aisling said...

Joyce, I'll add your stroll to my Sunday Stroll post from this weekend. Your iris are so pretty! Mine are in bud, but none are blooming yet.

Joyce said...

Thanks, ladies! Michelle, not everyone needs to be a gardener. I know you do many other things well!
Aisling, I think the Sunday Stroll idea will help me take a better look at the small changes in my garden over the summer. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

CindyW said...

Not only are they pretty, these flowers have the coolest names too: daylillies, Moonshine coreopsis, sundrops.

Joyce said...

Cindy, I never thought about the names being so poetic before, but they really are. Don't they just conjure up a sunny summer day?