Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today I left the Honda in the garage and rode my bike to work. I do this most days when the weather is reasonable. It's a round trip of only 3 miles; easy-breezy! It takes only about 8 minutes to get down there, hardly more than it takes to back the car out on to our busy street and drive there. I got a little moderate aerobic exercize, enjoyed a beautiful spring day, and saved on gas. What's not to like?


Gift of Green said...

Great job!!! Very inspiring!! I love that the weather is improving - lots more time to do things outdoors. Thanks for your comment about polluted air and clotheslines. Another reader made the same point. I'll try to have an allergy-prone/smog-prone option for my participants. Thanks for stopping by, Joyce!

Joyce said...

Good to hear from you, Gift of Green! You young moms are pretty inspiring! There seem to be quite a few of you tackling lifestyle changes and rallying your friends to do the same.

Cindy said...

Yay! Nice job. Biking to/from work is so good for your health and the environment.

laurel said...

What a neat blog you have! How fun to meet another "crunchy"! :) I will enjoy going through your archives, and I hope you will pay me another visit soon! I hope April goes well for you. I am excited to simplify my life in this way, and hope to learn lots of valuable lessons!

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