Tuesday, June 26, 2007

About that last post...

It's unlikely that I will ever post three times in one day again, but I wanted to thank my son Grant for inviting himself on to my blog and sharing that great picture he created to illustrate the prophet Ezekiel eating the Word and and finding that it tasted like honey. Grant is working on his Master's Degree in Art Education, and finding that his class assignments give him an opportunity to express his faith and generate conversation with his classmates. Now, that's using the arts to engage in conversation with the culture!

I would also like to explain the name of my blog, Tallgrassworship. No, I don't worship tall grass! But I am a lifelong native of a part of the world that was once covered in tall-grass prairie, which once grew so high that a man on horseback could get lost in it. There is very little of it left, I'm afraid, here, where the saying is "Beans and corn, corn and beans...variety is the spice of life!" But I claim this place on the prairie as my special corner of the world, where I have deep roots, just like that grass. And I worship and minister in this particular place. So, it just seemed to fit.

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